ultrasonic Scaler

Woodpecker ultrasonic Scaler

ultrasonic scaler

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Dental Units

Controlled integral dental unit


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Low-speed Handpiece

NSK,Jinme Low speed handpiece

>Low-speed Handpiece

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High Speed  Handpiece

Jinme, NSK Handpiece

High speed Dental handpiece

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The product can undertake that OEM brand production, providing clients their own-brand products. It can help you to build your own brand, to avoid the price war between the competitors for the sale of the same brand products. Never worry about recalling brand agent right by manufacturers one day. Above all, OEM products we offered don't have to achieve a large quantity production,small order can also undertake OEM brand for production.
It means this product is the latest product, new technology or new treatment method;it is the major concern of most dentists. It is possible to become the best-selling dentistry products in future. This is also the largest potential business opportunities. We will provide the new product of dental industry at the top speed to ensure the customers acquire competitive advantage in the future.
The product has obtained the European market access of CE certification. CE certification has been adopted by many countries around the world; it is one of the guarantees of the quality of products.

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